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Need help with Modem/wifi choice

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Hey guys, Im going to be moving to orlando and will be switching to brighthouse. Orlando area does not have Fios which is what i have now. I’m in need of a good Wi-Fi/modem combo like what Fios supplies you with. If I have to get it separate, that is fine but I do not want to spend a crazy amount of money on them. Just something that can support multiple devices and share printers/files/video streaming. Wal-Mart had some nice netgear ones that I was looking at but I want to get your guys advice first before buying anything.

Brighthouse says I can rent both for 9.50 a month which is a ten bucks a month I can use on other bills plus I bet it will be some crappy router. I just think buying my own is a better choice.

Thanks in advance for help!
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Honestly you'd probably get more flexibility out of two separate devices. 

Rather than get a combo device, that has limited router cabablilities. 


The only company I'd avoid is Cisco, because of the cloud firmware on their device. Other than that I all the major brands have nice offers, that would satisfy most users.


Its from a smaller company, but I'd recommend looking into the TP-Link 1043ND



Netgear and Linksys both have solid options

However, I'd looked TP-Links  Routers they all have external antennas that can be upgraded if wanted. Not only this they sale at a great price, they are compatible with tomato and ddr-wort, lastly they are upgraded routinely, 

I have the 1043ND and the last time is was update was in April of this year, and the device came out in 2010

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Thanks for the suggestion man! I went ahead and bought their newest Router. TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750. Newegg was selling it for 230 but i found it cheaper on amazon for 150! What a steal. It had better features, if not more than most of the more expensive routers out there! I also went ahead and bought a Motorola Modem. All for 218. Not bad. A little expensive but well worth it having my own and knowing its future-proof! +Rep for you since your the only one that bothered to helped me lol!

Links for Products:

Motorola Modem

TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750

Link for Newegg Overview of Wireless Router for others to see!
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