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[Build Log] Custom computer desk with built in speakers

Poll Results: What main material should I use in this build?

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    Heavy duty plastic
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Hello everyone, I'm here to show the progression of an idea I have had for a while and is finally going into effect within the next few weeks as my current desk got murdered by a friend when I moved apartment.
My idea is simple a custom built computer desk with built in speakers to save space smile.gif
There is a few factors in this build, I wont be producing music. The most I would use the speakers for would just be for normal gaming and daily music so I dont need to splash out on €500 speakers. I must be able to assemble/ disassemble the desk with ease as it will be built literally the other side of the country to where I will be moving to (currently looking for a new apartment) I also have a price limit to the materials I will be using its nothing crazy but I already have the glass and all the tools I will need.

I am also a speaker noob so any tutorials on wiring or what speakers to use would be awesome!
I have two ideas for the speakers. Should I chop up my old 5.1 surround system and test them/ make two separate speaker stands I can position around the room or should I get some car speakers together and wire them up myself?
I know the sound quality from both ideas are totally different and if I was to use car speakers it would be a LOT of work to get them all working with my pc correctly.

My old desk (RIP little fella) cost me €13 in total to build and that includes a €10 saw and screws I bought to build it redface.gif
Here is an old picture of when it was first built and before it was painted black.

The only surviving parts of the desk is the center support leg and the glass.

Also the whole design of the desk is going to be set around the speakers so if I could have some advice on what direction to go in I can get stuck into designing the desk and then getting my hands on the materials needed.
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What is the 5.1 setup you have now? For PC?

I was thinking about going with car audio myself... I know the audiophiles out there cringe at the thought, but I'm no audiophile. I just know what sounds "good enough".

I was/am planning on getting a 5.1 or 7.1 receiver and some mid-quality speakers and just building some simple boxes. I already have a sub that sounds good.

As long as you've got a good equalizer that you can use for the fronts, the rears and the center individually you should be good to go.
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I have some old 5.1 Altec Lansing that I dont mind chopping up for this build at all. After doing a bit of looking around last night I could use car speakers and power them with a psu but I cant find any way to actually connect them to my computer yet, any ideas? redface.gif
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A receiver would be about the only way I'd think. You could also use a car stereo for the power to the speakers, most of them a 50Wx4. Power that with a PSU and mount the car stereo into the desk...


I would use a separate PSU for the stereo and any sub amp you use, as the sub amp will be drawing LOTS of power and will need everything the PSU can put out.
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I decided to strip my 5.1 speakers as I somehow managed to get them all working again biggrin.gif
I have already sketched out the plans for the new speaker boxes and have started to remove each speaker from its housing

I still have to come up with some sort of concept for the table top to hold the glass in place but not vibrate from the sub that will me mounted underneath it. I should be getting the materials by the end of the week and I still have to decide on what I'm getting to build this table redface.gif
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