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Ok guys sorry for the delay lol! I put a number in a hat for each user who entered and had my wife pick on out and she picked...........


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Hi there, I'm pretty new to this forum, came here looking for overclocking and modding advice of which I'm very new at. After nearly 2 years of saving up enough money to by my dream AMD rig, I'm now looking to modify this into an all out AMD warrior, so red would be my theme. I bought the red/green tactical tracer memory as a start to my lighting with the two case fans in red. My goal is simple kind of, I am looking to create a lighting scheme similar to flowing lava so red glow inside with pulsating orange tones throughout.

I've been looking at ways to do this, but to be honest, the electrical stuff can sometimes baffle me! lol Seeing the work that you do has really caught my eye, and I would love to win this freebie! Heck, even if I didn't win, I'd probably have to save up so you could do it for me anyway!! wink.gif

I've posted some pic's of my system so far;

The cooler is different now, as the one pictured was sent back as the wrong one, and I also have a nice touch screen fan controller in the front panel which is in a red/black theme. I also plan on fully braiding all my cables soon in black/red which should also help with the overall effect.

Let me know what you think. And to whoever win's, I'm sure your going to love this work, really pro looking at the pics...