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Hello, I have a couple issues that I'd really appreciate help on.

1). The plastic PWM connector of my MCP35x fits very loosely on the 4 pin CPU fan header. I tried another 4 pin connector (from a fan) and it worked just fine. Do I simply need to replace the 4 pin plastic bit? Also, I may have messed up the green and blue wires, as I accidentally broke the little metal tab that locks them into place. Will that be an issue in the future, or does it not really matter? I had to disassemble the pump wires to fit them into my reservoir.

2). My reservoir is really cool, but the more I think about it, having it in a 5.25" bay is a PITA. What is the best way to do this, for filling and maintenance purposes? Should I use extra tubing so that I can easily pull it out of the bay? Or is there a way to fill it/drain it while leaving it in there?

Thanks guys. smile.gif