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Please help

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Here are the pictures of my completed loop.


I filled the reservoir and powered on my PSU. It only seemed to move a minimal amount of liquid before the water level stopped dropping. It moved maybe 250 ml before it started making an odd sound, I turned it off immediately and took pics and made this post. I feel like everything is setup correctly. The only thing I can think of is perhaps switching the two tubes going to the ports labeled (IN) and (OUT) on the pump although I don't know if this would have any effect. If someone knows where I went wrong with my build I would be eternally grateful.

Here is the loop order.

res/pump (OUT) -> rad

rad -> cpu (IN)

cpu (OUT) -> gpu

gpu -> res/pump (IN)
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its just air, happens to me too. double check for any leaks and keep adding the water/liquid as it bleeds the air out, keep it running for a few hours, shake the rad, slap it, or add 2 drops of yellow dishwashing liquid thumb.gif cover everything and keep checking for any leaks wink.gif
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Seriously slap it? It sounded like my pump was angry at me already due to lack of water perhaps.
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pump more liquid in the res, turn her on, then slap the rad around wink.gif

pump noise is due to lack of water in the res, which is due to the water filling the air pockets inside the rad.

1. check for leaks
2. cover everything with towels
3. add more water
4. add 2 drop of dishwashing liquid
5. turn on and leave the res lid open
6. repeat from step 1 or 3 as necessary thumb.gif
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