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[Case mod] Clean 500R

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Hi guys!


My name is Tom, I'm 18 years old and I'm dutch so my english won't be perfect. This will be my first real casemod on this site. I'm getting quite bored of my Corsair 500R and when is a better time to start then in my holiday. smile.gif

What am I going to do?
  • Make a PSU Cover for hiding cables and the psu.
  • Make a side Cover for the drive bays
  • Add character lcd in the side cover
  • Replace the mesh in the front with aluminium and add 3rd fan to the front.
  • Vinyl wrap the covers with matte black vinyl.
  • Add led strips
  • Cablemanagement
  • I will replace my current cpu cooler but I'm not sure yet with what cooler.

So my goal is to make it look as clean as possible hence the name; Clean 500R.

I made a really ugly sketchup to show my plans. This is just a rough sketch so don't judge:

What it looks like before modding:



CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz
Mobo: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 ATX Intel Motherboard
GPU: MSI GTX 460 Cyclone 768MB
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Hard Drive/SSD: Samsung 830 128 GB & Samsung spinpoint F1 1TB

Update 1 (Cutting and bending for the covers)
Update 2 (making the front)
Update 3 (Finishing the side cover and lcd)
Final pictures

Suggestions are always welcome!
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Update 1, Cutting and bending for the covers.

So I bought a sheet of aluminium yesterday and today I started preparing to cut it and bend it.

The plan and dimensions:

After taping and measuring:

After cutting and bending:

The big question was if it would fit together. And fortunately it did! smile.gif

Tomorrow I will think of how I will attach them inside the case and to each other. I also started with measuring the aluminium for the front.

Apologies if the pics are not really high quality, I'm using my phone right now. If you want a detailed picture of something I will try to make a good picture for you with a real camera
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nice metal work! corsair cases are nice to work with!
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Small update

I just received my LCD, my plan was to control them with my arduino and LCD Smartie. I do have some stability problem with it on windows 8 so maybe I will need to think of something different.

Originally Posted by MWildd View Post

nice metal work! corsair cases are nice to work with!
Thanks! I'm pretty statisfied too, considering I don't have the right tools for bending and cutting. Corsair cases are definitely nice to work with although I wish the black paint on the inside wouldn't scratch so easily.
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Update 2, making the front

Hi guys, Today I finished making the front. At first I planned to just use the 2 stock front fans, but after seeing all the empty space in the front I added a third fan which fits perfectly under my DVD drive.

I made the hole with a dremel and using a file to make it nice and round.

After cutting the holes

Mounted in the front. Also made the cut between the fans and the dvd drive.

Mounted on the case itself.

All the aluminium will eventually be covered with matte black vinyl.
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Update 3

I did a few things in between these updates.

-Made a PCB for the LCD screen
-Made a hole for the LCD in the side panel
-Found a way to mount the side panel in the case, on the side of the 5,25" bay.

This is how the side panel looks right now, I will put filler on the screw holes so you wont see them after vinyl wrapping.

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Hi guys,

I'm letting you guys know why I didn't post any updates since the last one. I feel like my updates are not interesting enough to post them individually and I'd rather focus on the mod to get a perfect result. I hope you guys will understand. The final pics will still be posted here.

What have I done since the last update:
  • Made the entire front again, I wasn't happy with the first one.
  • Vinyl wrapped everything
  • The character lcd will not be controlled with LCD smartie anymore. I had too many stability issues with and windows 8. Instead I got 2 temperature sensors and started programming on the arduino, it now works standalone.
  • Completely redid the cable management.

What todo:
  • Add lights
  • Change CPU cooler (suggestions are welcome)
  • Maybe add smoked acrilyc, but it's a bit hard to find here for a reasonable price.
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Final pictures

Photos were taken with a Panasonic DMC-TZ5.
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Nice and clean...good job!
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