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Gentlemen of OCN,

I'm in need of some advice regarding network connectivity at home.
The current state of affairs is as follows:
Living room contains Modem, Wireless Router, Switch and Server.
Study is where my Gaming PC resides. It is currently connected to the network via a wireless dongle.

The wireless dongle is starting to act up quite badly so I need to consider my options. Do I:
1) Stay wireless. Going instead for a PCIe solution like the Asus PCE-AC66 (does not work on Z87 it seems) with the intention to upgrade to a 802.11ac Wireless Router in the near future.
2) Go Powerline. No idea whats good to go for these days. My last experience a couple of years back was not too good.
I would love to go fully wired, but the route from my living room to my study makes it too difficult.

Any suggestions on the subject would be appreciated smile.gif
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