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old vs new monitor

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By old I mean, 3 years. I currently have an LG 2340V and while I have no complaints, Id like to get something a little better and slightly bigger for gaming. Ive read through some of the previous posts and info, but really confusing. So my questions are:

-Do I need to go with a 120hz monitor to see a big increase in colors and performance?
-Is response time really that important?
-24" 1920x1200 vs 27" 2560x1440 (that big of a difference for these monitor sizes)?
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If your gaming a higher response time will mean less blurring which is really good. You will definitely need low response if your using a 120 hz monitor.
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So 2560x1440 is going to be better at 120 than 60? For gaming anyway?

Would this be a noticible upgrade over my current monitor?

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Higher res is generally better (assuming everything else is the same).

If your just comparing 2560x1440 to a 1920x1080 and you have the money go with the higher res. On the larger monitor it will be much better than 1080.
The 120 hz refresh is just going to add on to make it look even better.

That one you linked would be much better. Its brighter, higher contrast, higher refresh, lower response.

The only other thing you may want to consider is getting one with an IPS panel. It looks better, you don't really notice it alone though but when you compare it to other monitors side by side you see a huge difference. The only drawback is that they generally have lower refresh and response times unless you want to throw more money at it.

If your going to be spending a good amount of money another option is looking at a korean monitor. You can get very good monitors for about the same amount.
Thats a link to the monitor club for them. You can basically buy a 700 dollar monitor for around 300, just you do it through ebay. A good thing to look into if your going to be spending 300+ dollars on a monitor.
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