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Hey Guys, just wanted to confirm a few things:

There was a youtube video regarding putting the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler into a bitfenix prodigy case
In this video the guy had to cut a piece off the top ledge to be able to get the cooler in.

However. I was able to slip it in without damaging the case or the Mobo.
1) remove the top 5.25" tray,
2) remove the top HDD cage
3) tilt the mobo+cooler into the case.

Clearance issues:
1) the top of the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler will still fit a Gelid UV-Blue SLIM 120mm fan (half the normal thickness).
2) the outer 120mm fan on the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler needs to be removed if you want to use the 5.25" tray for a blu ray burner.
3) the back of the case will still fit a standard sized 120mm or 140mm case fan, which can be useful especially if you are keeping the 5.25" tray and removing one of the Silent Wings fans from the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler set. (the middle fan in the cooler will remain)
4) the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler will not be able to fit any non-low profile RAM. I had the Kingston HyperX Black DDR3-1600 in there and one of the RAM was being squeezed by the heat pipes coming out of the cooler, BUT it still works.

So with the following system:
Intel i7 4770K @ 4.8GHz
ASROCK Z87-ITX Motherboard
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler, one fan removed, 120mm PWM chasis fan on the back wall
Kingston HyperX Black DDR3-1600 2x4GB RAM
Zotac GTX 770 OC edition @ 1200GPU/2000RAM
Samsung 830 Series 256GB x2 RAID0 on side panel
Seagate Baracuda 3TB HDD x2
EVGA 750WB PSU (LOUD, had to cut the fan off and put in a cougar 140mm fan, had to drill holes in the fan since PSUs are using 135mm fans)
LG Blu-ray Writer
Bitfenix Prodigy Case

I was getting:
34/35/34/34 on Core Temp Idle with all fans at full
39/40/42/40 on Core Temp Idle with fans on PWM

75/72/70/68 on Core Temp with 10min of SuperPi

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