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GTX 770 possible over voltage?

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I ordered the Gigabyte Windforce GTX 770 X3 OC and I want it to last up to 5 years. I upgrade around every 5 years or so. Anyways as I understand it the boost 2.0 changes my clock speeds and voltages. I am assuming that the voltages never go TOO high but I could be wrong when it comes to helping my gpu last a long time. Is this something I should be concerned about and if so is there something I can do about it. Is EVGAPercisian (or other fixed voltage software) voltage settings the only way to do it? If I fix the voltages that means it will not go down when system is at idle but I don't really care about that. Also in my research I am wanting to learn more about Boost 2.0. I cant find any detailed info about how the manufacturer determines the (max voltage according to the GPU). I have read that all GPU's are different and that makes Boost 2.0 act different with each GPU. But how does Boost 2.0 know what that particular GPU can handle? I mean does Gigabyte for example have a bunch of tech's test each one personally? Any insight on this matter would be appreciated.
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I think their algorithm takes into account of TDP and Volts and boosts it if it is able to within predefined limits. You should have no worries with it lasting unless you are manually Overclocking it to more extreme limits.

Individual GPUs perform a little different. Some get to a OC with less volts and others need more.
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