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Thinking about a funny project (help)

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Hello there,

I was curious about something and decided to come here to get some help and specifically got to overclock.net to ask it.

Currently I have a old X58 platform and a Megahalem cpu cooler with a I7 920. (I know its old, it's just that I didn't had the cash all those years)
What I also have is a airconditioner at home.

Maybe you feel it coming already.
My goal here is that I don't want to get most of my cpu. Since years went by I already met that limit so theres little to no adventure on that path.

I however want to create A universal cooler by the use of a airconditioner. I know they exempt alot of power but... "I don't care.. I love it!!"

However... I see a few issues. These are namely.

Condensation!! (very important)
By airconditioning a case (which case will be made by hand. Probably from wood and paint) the inner side cools down but the outer sides warmer climate may condense on the casing. If that isn't completely solidly sealed I got quite the price hanging on my shoulders for replacement.

The other issue is that typical air conditioners have standard purposes like that of cooling 50 cubic metres with fresh 20degrees air.
My computer casing is like a quarter of 1 cubic meter which space is also occupied by drive bays, circuit boards and the lovely heatsink etcetera.

So A airconditioner in this instance should be calibrated to serve just perhaps 1 cubic metre of cool air. On the other hand I wish the airconditioner to be calibrated to serve cooled air of lets say 1 or 2 degrees celsius. Otherwise the energy cost defeats the purpose. In fact it would defeat the whole cooling purpose instead of having a leap over others w/o airco during summer time.

Below zero would be better though. But that enables ice forming. And That's the end of my computer. As for that, I want it calibrated above zero, but it should not go wrong by that temperature falls below zero either.

I have experience with computers.
I have no experience with airconditioners.
Nor with the consequences of using it to cool a computer and with what kind of disasters I should reckon with.

When i start the project I will first test without hardware how it performs. I need smart meters for temperature control, and I need a safe programming for software controlling the airconditioner.
However I lack knowledge on how to start controlling any of the above. As for that I am still dreamingly adventurous about this.

I hope anyone out there on this community has by chance any experience on a similar project or use of airconditioner cooling of a computer.
And I hope he/she/they can help me out and get me on the right path.

NOTE: I know large server installations exspecially those of high importance are mostly stored with airconditioner cooling. Although in those instances the whole environment shares the same temperature so no condensation will be present.
I don't want both my room and my casing to work at 1 degrees celsius. I only wish the latter to do that.
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I have never heard of anything like this and would recommend not doing it. It seems like too much can go wrong and cause expensive repairs
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I hear you.

If you can imagine then do tell me what you think could all go wrong.
Remember, if it's doable I'll be very cautious. First I would sensor the environment with sensors and could sacrifice a old AMD rig before putting the airco on any expensive parts.
As for that I'm not to sure why I mentioned my I7 at all in the thread.
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Like you, I don't know much about air conditioning but it just sounds bad. If you are trying it, I would make sure the case has great ways for air to escape the case. The ac will push a ton of air in and it should be able to leave the case as hot-air.

The condensation worries me. I'm sure you can see why. Definitely post and update if you go through with this because I'm intrigued
Good luck
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Well, quite honestly I already read a topic about something like this.


Although In this persons scenario he uses his aircondition cooler to cool water far below zero.
He ofcourse added alot of antifreeze aka alcohol and other elements because I heard you thinking there for a second.

I don't like to replicate others. I still have watercooling parts at home namely a radiator, tubes and fittings. No pumps and reservoirs and since I only want to get the airco idea across I don't care about mixing it with watercooling. Maybe another time. Unless it proves to be the only way. Although I doubt it.

This guy also suffers from condensation. But his condensation only occurs on the outside of his tubes and his cooling block.
Because his CPB and all the other parts are not included in the same atmosphere.

Thus I reckon if done properly that if you could seal the whole electronics in the same airconditioned atmosphere although yet still contained within a casing It would be practically easier for me to defeat condensation compared to that guy ^^ who manages to combind it within a water circus.

Anyhow, condensation will take place somewhere, after any drawing is in process a way of draining condensation should be incorporated in the design wherever it would drop off into.
And remember... power consumption, noise, or setup weight are no problems. In fact money aint either. I can always delay operations a bit for me to get things together.
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Youre right i guess it would work- if done perfectly

thats the risk

although i just had an idea. what about having a liquid cooled setup and pump the a/c through the rad! That could cool the liquid in the loop. of course you have to take into account again condensation and what liquid youre using


again, keep me updated because if you do this im interested to see how it turns out
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the project is neither funny nor new smile.gif

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