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newb question re: hp proliant ml150 gen3 server

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I went dumpster diving at one of my work sites and came away with one of these: HP Proliant ML150 generation 3 server

psu was intact, motherboard looked fine, hot swap board was missing, one lonely cpu was tucked in, but her heatsink was resting on the bottom of the case.

so, i did something silly and found a user in the BST section getting rid of a pair of cpus that matched my socket (original on board was a 1.8, bought two 2.3s) and a pair of matching heatsinks.

...and that was about 5 or 6 months ago. Since then everything has been sitting on a shelf. Until tonight where I find myself scratching my head.

The motherboard doesn't appear to have any sort of cpu heatsink retention hardware, and the heatsinks i bought didn't come with any (obviously). Also, the curious bit, the stock heatsink didn't have any extra hardware attached to it either. I don't know my way around server boards to know if the guy who dumped the box removed the retention hardware as a joke, or if I need to pick up another piece or two.

...Socket on the board, please note two screw holes on either side of the socket. picture is oriented such that the bottom of the picture matches the position of the bottom of the motherboard
The Board...

The Heatsink(s)...
Pic 1 Pic 2

Can anyone point me to where I can get the required retention hardware or if the heat sinks are not compatible? sockets are LGA 771

Thank you in advance smile.gif
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It looks like a standard LGA retention bracket. I found this so it looks like it was what you were looking for. 


You might need to find your own screws for mounting it *which honestly, some regular machine nuts and bolts would do perfectly fine if your in a pinch*. 

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Thank you sir, much appreciated!
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not a problem. Glad I could help!
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