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Hi guys,

I got the above PSU back in April 2012 and the last couple of months the crackling has only gotten worse, I've tried several different forums and the like to get the issue diagnosed (for example here; and the only thing I can think to do now is advanced RMA/RMA the psu however I get an error when trying to register the product on which is required to create a support/rma request ticket as the error I get is "Shipmens barcode is not exist: " SN removed just in case it's important to keep to myself as such I'm unable to contact them for assistance regarding this.

Any suggestions for diagnosis that you perhaps don't see covered in the above link (being the one most covered) or with how get in proper contact with XFX? Note that the crackling is apparant when the system is idle however it's very very feint, it's when under load that it becomes very loud and more frequent. This does not happen under any stress tests; only during gaming, the difference of which effect it has on the system is a mystery to me, as stress tests are far more demanding than the games I play.

Any help appreciated!