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What is an ICC Profile??

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I see people talking about and giving download links to ICC profiles in monitor reviews??

What are they and what do they do??? How are they different from the monitor OSD in affecting the monitor?
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This is a complicated subject - too much to write here when a simple Wikipedia or Google search would do.

In short, ICC profiles are color calibration settings for monitors, scanners, and printers that allow your computer to work with a "color calibrated" workflow. Colors are measured on screen and in print with a calibrated hardware device that can "measure" the hue and tint of a set of reference colors, and develop a profile that contains compensation data so you can reproduce the intended color accurately.

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It basically defines how colours are displayed on a display. The only true way to have a correct profile and accurately display an image on any display is to physically calibrate the display via a colorimeter - lighting conditions (brightness/type of light etc), graphics card, individual display/panel, age of said display etc, can all drastically affect how colours appear on the screen.


While it may help improve the image using a calibrated profile from another monitor of the same model, it won't truly be accurate as it won't be matched to your specific monitor and setup - unless you happen to have the exact same conditions and panel anomalies.

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Will downloading ICC profile for U2713HM from TFTcentral be good or bad decision?
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Wouldn't hurt to try.

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