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VRIN / VCCIN / CPU Input Voltage question

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I've been trying to search around some about these values, without finding what I've been looking for so I apologize in advance if it's a stupid question.

I'm running into heat issues very early on my 4670k (anything over 1.2V Vcore really seems to get way too hot running small FFT p95 or especially the new Linpack and only stress FPU in AIDA64). According to ASUS, the Initial / Eventual CPU Input Voltage should ideally be 0.4V above Vcore. In this case that would mean 1.6V where I believe the default is 1.8V (correct me if I'm wrong, can check BIOS later anyway). Yet, most posts I see here recommends setting it to 2.0V. I did see one post on the ROG forums recommending 1.7V initial and 1.65V eventual.

Now I assume raising it to 2.0V is for added stability, but with the drawback of higher temps? And lowering them to say 1.6V could hamper stability, but could it decrease temps? Basically what I'm looking for is a way to lower temps without lowering vcore further. I suppose the fact that my room-temp today is 28C at floorlevel, and has been at 26-28C for the past few weeks, doesn't exactly help anything in regards to temps either..
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The CPU Input Vltage isn't going to make a huge difference in temps (just a couple of degrees at most) so I would just leave it in Auto. You want it to be (they say) about 0.4 or 0.5 above the CPU Vcore at a minimum. So it's okay for it to be 1.8V with a lower Vcore, you just don't want to have a 1.4V Vcore with a 1.7V input voltage. But dropping the input voltage from 1.8V to 1.6V isn't going to help temps much - you can try 1.7V if you want just to see, that shouldn't affect stability, but probably not worth it in the long run.

What kind of cooling are you using?
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I see, thanks! I'll have a go at 1.7V when I get home just to see if it has any impact whatsoever. Another question - could raising it from the default has any impact on stability even at a low vcore?

I have a H80i with two Gentle Typhoon AP-15's as CPU cooler. There are some issues with the radiator mount to the case however that I don't know if they affect temps that I made a thread about before in the cooling section ( http://www.overclock.net/t/1412562/h80i-very-high-temps#post_20473922 ).
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There hasn't been a lot of data on it yet, but it seems like it is more of a "no lower than" voltage where increasing it above what is needed doesn't really help stability. So I doubt increasing it will help you at those lower voltages, but it does seem very hit or miss.
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