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RAM PC lockup -- sign of impending problems?

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So in the 2 or so years since I built this rig, I've done little with the RAM other than removing it and replacing when dusting my rig.

Well, today, I went to the store and left my PC at the Windows login screen. When I came home and went to enter my PW, much to my dismay, the rig was totally locked up.

I hit it with a hard reset, and went into the BIOS. This is where I really started to freak out as my machine locked up AGAIN this time @ the BIOS screen. When I reset it from here I was unable to to get the machine to even post BIOS. I checked all connections as I noticed that everything was getting power (HDD, blu ray, GPUs) but nothing in my USB slots was even initializing. I went ahead and cleared CMOS both using the jumper, and then by removing the battery for a solid 30 minutes.

After realizing everything was properly seated/connected it hit me that I should check the RAM sticks. Well, sure enough, the machine booted NORMALLY when I removed my SECOND RAM stick; so I shut it down, swapped sticks, and tried again. She boots up fine.

Now I'm back to the usual, running both my RAM sticks. My question is this: WHY would my rig lockup like that, and ONLY BOOT WHEN THERES ONE RAM STICK IN for such a long period of time? (roughly 2 hours til now, where it's running with the 2nd stick in)

My main concern is that the RAM slots on my MOBO are goin bad which i find (at somewhat) hard to believe as my MOBO is not quite two years old, as is SUPPOSED to be a very solid piece of tech. I HAVE been overclocking my CPU @ 1.450v and my RAM @ 1.650v for pretty much the entire time I've owned it.

Any feedback would be great - I'm actually a little worried that if I turn my rig off it won't up boot up again, and that if I leave it on its gonna lock up again
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Also note my sig rig it's all up to date -- I'm running SLI gtx 560s, which I assume puts a lot of additional stress on the MOBO so I thought I'd add that as well
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Nobody huh? lol

Man it's too weird. My rig seems to be healthy again, and I just cannot explain this problem.

I'm gonna go ahead and chock it up as yet another "SLI-on-AMD platform" problem. For example my BIOS will occasionally not "know" why there's 2 GPUs in my system and tell me my "overclock is unstable -- reverting to stock BIOS settings." First time that happened took me a solid two hours before investigating my GPUs as the problem.

The solution is always the same in that case -- remove my 2nd GPU, boot in to windows, shut down, replace 2nd GPU, boot up fine in SLI. This did not help with the problem in this thread.
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