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do it!!!
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So, where ToshibaSucks and I have landed via email is the following:

- 3x1 to 5x1 portrait array
- Desired 17-20 inch panel size, but slightly larger is OK
- 1920x1080 minimum resolution per panel
- Fairly high budget
- Must take HDMI/DVI
- Panel borders are not a critical issue

I have interpreted the following from this:
- IPS panels. Wide portrait mode displays will suffer using TN for the sides since the vertical viewing angle is so bad.
- LVDS interface. While there are some really great eDP panels that would fit this (including some mentioned in this other thread, the real benefit comes in the form of higher resolution or refresh rate, which the current HDMI to DP converters don't handle.
- Decased desktop monitors are likely to work best here. Since panel borders are not a concern and 17+ inch "good" laptop panels aren't nearly as prevalent, the most cost effective solution is debezelled desktop monitors on a custom stand. This way you also don't have to find standalone controllers.

Does this seem like a reasonable conclusion to draw? Are there any suggestions for small FullHD IPS units that might work well for this application? I am checking myself also, but the community here seems to have a pretty good grasp on "what's what" with monitors.
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A retina projector would be an interesting project. Take 4 retina panels and place them on an overhead projector.
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I don't know of any overheads that have a sufficiently large surface for four panels tiled. Plus the 12mm of dead zone between the bottom of one panel and the top of another might be problematic. Although a single panel would be an impressive projector by itself.
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