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I am looking into building my first water cooling loop for my case, but I do have a small budget for now. I was looking at the Raystorm watercooling kits and i like the price range that these are in, only thing is I am not sure which one to go with. I was hoping someone could help me as far as quality and performance of these different kits. Ive read good reviews on the RS and RX series. I don't think i can fit the RX rad in my case, so it would have to be a slim profile rad, which is why i was looking at the RS and EX series. A few questions i have are:
1) Has anyone had any problems with these kits leaking?
2) Will i be able to expand later without any problems? If i do expand will a single 360 or 280 rad be enough?
3) For anyone that actually owns the EX 280 what are your takes on it? I can't seem to find any reviews with that kit as of yet. Also, if you do own it, does it come with the 140mm fans? The specifications off of Frozencpu says it comes with 120mm fans, but it makes no sense to have 120mm fans on a 2x 140mm rad. So I'm confused in that aspect.
4) If you own a Thor v2 case and went watercooling, how did it go for you?

I own a Rosewill thor V2 case. I will be using this kit to cool an FX-8350, and eventually want to expand to cool my gigabyte 7870. I also own a gigabyte 990fxa mobo, with corsair vengence ram, if that helps. I appreciate any help i can get in this matter.