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I got a new mouse from BB yesterday (MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000) and there is an annoying lag/stutter. It's like when your system is 100% in use and you get that mouse stutter / hanging. Some times there is no lag for a brief period.

I have to note that I'm using the mouse 5 to 7 feet away from the receiver (I have PC connected to TV)

I tried using it in OS X , turned off my wireless router and modem, removed my other wireless keyboard + BT dongle to minimize interference , but still lags..

If I sit close to receiver it works a bit better, so it definitely a distance issue , but this is advertised to work up to 15 feet so did I get a defective unit? Maybe these mice are not designed to be used that far so I am a lil worry if I exchange it I'll get the same issue with the other one.

Does anyone have any idea why it does this? I am trying to fix it if I can because I really like the mouse when it works. Thnx for any help.

Edit: Mouse works fine on other comp(even longer distance). It must be my desktop that causing the issue. My case is fully aluminium + huge heatsink. Must be interfering confused.gif
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