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Thermaltake A31 + AMD FX 6300 + Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 high stock-clock temperatures?

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First of all,hello OCN!

Kinda new here,just registered after a few weeks of looking around.Now that I actually have a computer capable of overclocking,why not join a OC-ing forum,I thought.
Anyway,while I don't want to overclock just yet(don't need that extra performance),I wanted to do a quick stress test to check out my temperatures.
Now,while I did pick the parts,the shop I ordered from kindly assembled it,and shipped it to me pre-built(didn't want to risk screwing something up).
So,when I first opened the case,I thought,"Hm,that cooler looks weird.Is it pointed the right way?".I made a quick post on r/buildapc,but it went through and nooone pointed it out to me,so I thought it was fine.

However,I ran a stress test in Prime95 and in OpenHardwareMonitor temperatures went to 48*C.
Also worth noting is that I don't have great airflow with only 2 fans + cpu fan in my case,and it's hot as hell here in Serbia(more like 32*C,still hell to me).
I am also considering adding a few extra fans(bottom,top,front all have 1 free slot available) to ensure proper airflow,as well as moving the case to a better position(that's gonna happen for sure).

Ninja edit:Right as I posted this noticed I didn't point out the actual case,it's the Thermaltake CHASER A31.

So,am I just overreacting or is this an actual concern?
If you need any more details,don't hesitate to ask.
Here's the album with photos I posted to r/buildapc.

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to OCN!

Nice looking system.

I have no idea why they mounted cooler exhausting up instead of back but it's not a problem. I ran NH-U12P, Macho Rev.A, TC14PE and my Silver Arrow SB-E both ways. There was a slight difference in cooling ability between coolers but no difference for each cooler by orientation other than allowing for +/-1c tolerance.

Your temps are fine. CPU at 48c in a 32c room means CPU is only 16c above room temp.

PSU intakes air from bottom and exhausts out back.
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Guess I just overreacted a little bit,thanks for clearing up the confusion.

What do you think about my idea to add a couple new case fans for better airflow?Do you think it would help when I start overclocking or even just at stock speeds?

If so,I'd appreciate if you could post a few example good ones and what to look out for.

Once again,thank you smile.gif
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I'm pretty sure another front intake fan will improve airflow.. and possibly a bottom intake as well. As for what fans it's hard to say. Posting a link to a site in your area will make it easier to see what is available at what price.

Good airflow is not as simple as adding more fans. You will need to experiment and see what combination works best. The object of course is to flow cool intake air to components and to flow the heated air from components out of case without it mixing with cool intake air. A second front intake and possibly a bottom intake could be helpful. My guess is you can use 3x intakes with only the 1x back exhaust and have good airflow because there is plenty of vent area in back and top for air to flow out.

I use a cheap indoor/outdoor wired remote or terrarium digital thermometer to monitor air temps different places inside of case. Twist a piece of stiff insulated wire into the last 8" of sensor leadso you can bend it to position sensor where you want it... like an inch in front of your cooler.. to see what the air temp going into CPU / GPU cooler is compared to room temp. The closer it is to room temp the better.. Shouldn't be more than about 5c.
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Hm,interesting.Gonna see if I can get my hands on one of those.
The best site for computer components here is www.emmi.rs
Here's a quick search that sums up what coolers they have.
For prices,1 $ equals to 85 RSD(or din./dinar).

I have a computer table which I think separates the 2 groups of air enough,but I didn't do any tests on that,so I am not 100% sure.

Thanks for your time.
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Took a quick look and the Arctic F12 is a good low priced fan. They have a good reputation and I've used them in the past. You could get 2 and for the front intakes and move the front intake to the bottom intake. Reason for using the in front is they will probably move more air through grill and HDD cage then stock case fan does.

Arctic F12 499 dinar

Also the Arctic F12 PWM if you use PWM control
Arctic F12 PWM 599 dinar

I use PWM control on CPU cooler and all my case fans. By doing this the case fans idle when the cooler fans idle and speed up when the cooler fans speed up so things stay quiet unless system is working very hard. It's simple to do with a PWM splitter with molex power. Some support using 5 fans. Just a bit of information, not saying you should do it.
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Never used PWM control and I am not planing to do so now.Unless these fans are REALLY loud,I can handle the noise(since my computer is currently incredibly silent).
How do I make sure my mobo/psu/whatever you plug those fans into can handle/has slots for 2 more fans?
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Your motherboard manual should have the load specs for fan sockets.

Arctic F12 are 0.24a/2.88w and motherboard sockets are usually rated about 1a/12w.
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I don't exactly understand where you connect the fans - is it the motherboard or the PSU?
If it's the mobo,we might have a problem,since this is what I found in my mobo's manual -
1 x CPU fan header
2 x system fan headers
1 x power fan header
Here's the manual,if you want to take a look.

Thank you for your patience!
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Using a PWM splitter and PWM fans the PSU supplies the 12v to the fans and the motherboard supplies the PWM signal to fan circuit board which than sends 12v pulses to the fan motor.

It appears CPU cooler fan is plugged into the CPU fan socket and is a PWM fan (has 4 wires). The CPU fan socket is only PWM control on motherboard.

I find nothing in manual saying what the load limit for fan sockets is, sorry. frown.gif
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