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sabertooth 990fx + fx8150 OC and voltage help

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Hey guys,
First timer here, and I could use some help overclocking my setup. Here are the specs

asus sabertooth 990fx (first gen)
16gb gskill ripjaws 1866mhz (2x8gb)
gigabyte hd 7870 2gb
corsair h80i
apevia 750w psu
windows 7 home 64bit

In bios, i turned off all the powersaving features, disabled turbo core, and set all my voltages, clock(stock setting), multiplier manually. I have not adjusted any voltage other than the cpu.

Currently I am stable at 4.3ghz running 1.4v
I ran stability test in amd overdrive for 3hr with a max temp of 43c using coretemp to monitor. The only problem I have with this is I have everything set in the bios, and it shows 1.4v for the cpu in the bios. But when I start the computer then open coretemp it shows 1.26v. I have to open amd overdrive, and set the cpu to 1.4v for it to work. I have looked through the bios a bunch of times and I can't figure out why it won't stay at 1.4v when my computer boots up.

The next thing is I would like to run a higher OC than 4.3ghz I have tried 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 at 1.4v but system crashes after about 5mins of stability test. I know I need to bump voltage to make it stable. My problem is that as soon as I bump the voltage to 1.4125v(or more) my cpu throttles all 8 cores to 3.3ghz. This happens instantly, at idle and stays until I lower voltage back to 1.4v or less.

Im not sure if there is some setting in bios im just missing or what the deal is.

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I got rid of amd overdrive completely. Downloaded cpu-z and prime95. Found out that coretemp does not report the correct cpu voltage. Cpu-z does show correct voltage for what I have set in bios.

After I got rid of amd overdrive my cpu no longer throttles when increasing voltage past 1.4v. I am currently running 4.5ghz at 1.4v on the cpu with 1.3v on the cpu/nb. Ran prime95 blend test for 1hr with no problems, and a max temp of 50c.

I'm going to keep testing and see if I can push it further.
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