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Hey guys. I am in need of some serious assistance right now. I recently purchased a new TP-Link PCI-E Wireless adapter and am having troubles pulling a decent amount of bandwidth from it. I purchased this and have been having issues keeping a stable connection. While I am not very close to my router, I am able to pull about 13 Mbps with my old TP-Link PCI card, which would be this one. The reason I had to remove the PCI one is due to my SLI 680's being in the way of the lane, leaving the PCI-E to be the only one open. I had another PCI-E card that worked a little bit better (can't find a link, but it was some brand called X-Media), pulling about 8Mbps. However, all of a sudden, that one began throttling and couldn't even hold 1 Mbps. So, I uninstall, add my TP-Link PCI (whilst removing a 680) and bam, back to normal. And now my new PCI-E isn't working well either. Could my mobo be damaged? Is there something I need to configure? Please, I need help. I'm at breaking point right now frown.gif

Sorry for the long and tiring post. If you need to know anything else, please, just ask away. Thanks guys.