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Hi, and thanks to everyone who helped out until now in some other threads.
Finally, after months of keeping most of the components for this project in boxes, I found some time to think about what I am going to do, order fittings and other bits and start this project. My HW is old, so please don't laugh :-) But the idea for my first WC was to use whatever I had, find as much second hand WC stuff as I can and add anything else new ...So when I got the used TJ07, the guy gave me a bunch of stuff like fans, barbs, rad's, fan controller and some I intend using in this project.
Old case/starting point:

Uploaded with

1* i7 920 D0
3* Corsair 6Gb 1600Mhz CL8
1* EVGA GTX580
1* 250 Samsung 840
1* TJ 07 (in not a great state right now)
1* 650W Fractal Design Newton modular

1* 360 Rad with 1/2 thread - please identify model ?
1* Black ICE Radiator 360
1* Black ICE 240
1* Pump Laing DCC with Plexi Top
1* EK Supremacy CPU
1* EK 580 GT Plexi
1* Memory MIPS RAM 6 POM LE
1* Temperature sensor with Display
8* Xilence Red Wing 120mm Quiet Fan
1* Sunbeamtech 6x FAN Controller
1* 100mm Reservoir 3 Holes Bottom (identify?)

Uploaded with
Uploaded with

Waiting on/To be ordered:
1/2 to 1/4 Thread Conversion Fitting Silver
15* 3/8"-1/2" Fittings Silver
10* 3/8"-1/2" 45 Degree Rotary Adapter Fitting Silver
2* 3/8"-1/2" 90 Degree Angle Fitting Silver
1/4" to 1/4" Thread Fitting Silver
2* Blanking Plugs for GPU Silver
1* Universal Fillport Silver
2* 8 Pin 6+2 Sleeved White Extension 300mm
1* 8 Pin 4+4 Sleeved White Extension 300mm
1* 10-13 mm Clear tubing, 2,5m
1* 10-13 mm White tubing (for the final build)
1* Silverstone SDP10 - HDD 5.25" Bay mount for 2,5" and 3,5"
1* Dual Radiator stand
1* Quad Radiator stand
1* Thermal conductive pad 1mm
50* M4 30mm - for fixing fans to rad
30* M4 5mm s- for fixing rad to stand

Loop & Placement
Project K - attaching a picture with how I want the loop to be:
Pump > Res > Mem > CPU > MB > GPU > 360 Rad > 240 Rad > Pump
Black and white theme, and I want to try later to add a custom mid-plate, maybe a cover for the 5.25 bays either alu or plexi.
Once I will have it up and running and I am happy with everything running I will uninstall it and get it sprayed/powder cuotet, but first - I hope I can get it functional :-)

Uploaded with

1. Designing a drain/fillport - as you can see, my res has 3 holes all in the bottom. Can I drill a hole in the top cap in order to pass through a hose from the filler port which I will install on the top of the case? I am open for suggestions for better ways to do this: all I want is an easy way to do maintenance/drain/fill up! The 360 RAD has a small screw on one of the sides - is this something I can use for draining or do I need to add a tap, maybe between where the RAD's connect? Is the 5-way splitter a good idea?
2. Any clue how I can fit the WB for the memory ? I could use the mounting that came with the memory-cooler?
3. Can I use the 1mm thermal pad for the mobo WB or is there a recommended thickness?
4. What other recommendations do you have? What am I doing wrong?

Next Steps

I need to remove all the heatsinks on the mobo now and install the wb, same for CPU and memory; GPU is already done.
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