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I think after purchasing the case, my next step now will be to purchase/fit the fans. I still think I'd rather have the X60, it seems to boss all the benchmarks that I've seen. Only issue is the 140mm fans. I've seen the Corsair fans, and they seem like they'd go well. If I do decide to change the colour scheme later I could obviously use either blue/red or white, or I've seen a few people who easily paint them.
The only 140mm fan I've seen from Corsair is the AF140, I know that these fans aren't actually built for radiator cooling, but what type of performance drop would I be expecting? Marginal? A few degrees? Or are we talking of tens of degrees here?

I'm looking to also have a positive pressure, with 3x120mm fans in the front, which will be intake fans, it'll have one 140mm in the back and 2 140mms fans (possibly four if this is push pull) at the top.
The only reasonable way I could get this to happen is have the back as another intake fan, and the 2/4 at the top is exhaust fans. Wouldn't doing this give a slightly better performance on the rad (because it'll be getting cold air pushed right in to it). Or is this some silly way of doing it?
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I just got done my build. If I hadn't already had a H80i id probably have gone with something like the x60 or H100i. The build log is in my sig if you care to see. My temps are great. have 3 intakes and 1 out. Also aiming to have positive pleasure. Are you gonna do a build log?
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I'm not too sure just yet.
It's going to be a really slow build, pretty much completely new, buying parts when I can.
I'm half tempted to put my current rig in it, but then I know I'd never get around to upgrading it. And I'm looking to use the old parts in my server as I'm moving from unRAID to Windows in that.
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