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My upgrade plan is a heartache

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I'm a serious gamer (BF3, SWTOR, Deus EX HR).
I'm a big fan of V-sync, so I run V-Sync ON in all my games. I onw a 60Hz monitor anyway (1920 X 1200).
My P8P67 deluxe took a dump, RMA'd it yesterday. My trusty 2500K has been running at 4,5GHz since SB came out.
Now, I have the chance to move those parts into my kid's gaming computer (with RMA'd board). Her Core2Duo/2GB/HD5770 doesn't cope with recent games, so the Sandy 2500K would be a great upgrade for her.

Finding a worthy (and fun to play with) replacement for my parts is a pita. My SB is good and I don't want to sidegrade/downgrade...everything seems less interesting than when SB came out. reviews on IVY and Haswell, with the "de-lidding", high temps and low OC numbers makes for a less than enthusiastic upgrade path...

Ivy 3570K/1155 socket is EOL. OC not as good as Sandy. runs warm?
Haswell 4670K doesn't OC as good as Sandy, runs warm...

I didnt go with AMD in a long time, FX-8350 is weaker than Intel Quads, but might be fun to play with...I wouldn't want to buy that and suffer from "buyer's remorse"...in case the CPU bottlenecks my video or stutters.

I'll replace my 560Ti's in SLI by a single GTX780 or a GTX 760 SLI setup around x-mas. So whatever I pick, I dont want to bottleneck my future videocard (s).

I've seen a 3570K/MSI GD45 bundle for $350.
I've seen 4670K/Z-87-A bundle for $389....the Asus Maximus VI HERO seems pretty good tho, at 220$ (CPU at $239)
I've looked at FX-8350 for $199, 990FX boards are selling for $160-200.

I could squeeze a 4770K in my budget if I use 8GB or RAM and re-use my existing NH-U12P. I don't see the HT CPU as really worth it for my application, unless the future is bright for HT.

So what are your thoughts? I'm confused and not really happy with existing offerings...I'm missing SB launch era!
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If you wont benefit from HT then go 4670k. Im an AMD fan but if you dont wana down grade dont go anything AMD right now. I have a 4770k and love it. Temps are a bit high, but afaik the cpu doesnt throttle until 100c and under normal circumstances i dont go over 70c while gaming. If you can wait then wait for the next generation of socket 2011, though be ready to pay 2x+ more over a 4670k just for the CPU. If you were asking about 2500 to 4670k i wouldnt recommend it, but technically your daughter is getting the big upgrade, yours will be more noticeable in the GPU's then the CPU. Z87 will also offer better sata and usb3 support.
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Thx for the reply.

You're right, if it wasn't for the little one's computer upgrade, I'd keep my stuff. I can try to grab a FX-630 rig for hee, to safe a few pennies, but SB would be better in the long run

How do you like your MSI GD45 board? Is your 4770K OC'ed at if so, at which speeds?
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