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hello everyone !

i am trying to do some overclocking with my dual core e 5700 3.00 cpu ( i am relatively new to overclocking but not entirely ignorant biggrin.gif )

here is my spec

mobo : asus p5p43td pro

ram : no brand 4 gb ddr3 1300 MHz ( some Chinese brand named cheval ) :pfff:

processor : e 5700

psu : thermaltake smart modular 550 watt.

I borrowed a hyper 212 evo from one of my friend to manage heat issue and i set up the cooler properly.

now i know that the mobo is not great for oc but i thought i could achieve at least 3800 MHz on the board. but the problem is no matter what i try i cannot get past 3630 MHz.

my bios settings for oc

Fsb : 242 multiplier : auto (15)

cpu vcore : 1.2750 Pcie clock : 100

NB voltage : auto vtt : auto ( i have little idea about this )

DRAM freq : auto ( 1:2 default ratio gives 484X2=968 MHz ram freq. )
ram voltage : 1.5 v

( C1E : enabled
speed step : enabled
Disabled DRAM Static Read Control.
Disabled DRAM Read Training.
Enabled MEM OC Charger.
Disabled CPU Spread Spectrum.
Disabled PCIE Spread Spectrum.
Performance for CPU Margin Enhancement.
AUTO AI Clock Twister
AUTO AI Transaction Booster ) these settings according to a guide on tongue.gif

all other settings auto or default.

i have kept ram timing on auto which is 6-6-6-18.( my knowledge on ram timing is pretty basic )

with these settings i can run intel burn test with 10 pass and 2400 MB memory and prime95 small fft test no problem. temp is around 55 c with room temp 30 c.

now when i try to increase the fsb over 242 no matter what i always get bsod on ibt. i tried 247 even with vcore from 1.28 to 1.33 and bsod within minute running ibt ( no problem with temp ). the bsod code is 0X00000124.

so i tested the ram with mdsched.exe no error.
memtest86+ 4.5 hrs 4 pass no error ( should have run more ).

now i am totally lost. i do not know what else i should do. :??: :??:

So i am asking you guys for help. any kind of help or suggestion is welcome.:bounce: :bounce:

Sorry for the long post but i want to give as much info as possible.

P.S : there are other threads regarding this mpbo but not with my cpu. so i am posting. this. please forgive any newb mistake.