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my question is can I hook my monitor up more than one way at a time, currently running on HMDI, can I also hook it up vsub to dvi-i and just switch from on to the other in my menu on the monitor or will it mess up the GPU. Not sure about this never thought of it or had a reason to do this, my monitor has a menu feature that is only active in vsub mode. That adjust sharpness and other screen features, not sure why I have to be in vsub to use it but would like to mess with my sharpness control and other features on that.

Thanks for all replies smile.gif
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"Should be fine". Typically the inputs run into the LCD controller independently of one another and the controller multiplexes them internally, so you should be able to connect all the ports at once without issue. The exception to this is maybe cheaper monitors that run their DVI and HDMI connectors in parallel (say, if the controller doesn't support two TMDS inputs).

If you can independently switch to each input using the menu, you should be safe.
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