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Very interesting read. They clearly put a lot of thought into these mock-up comparisons. I love articles like this!

I expected a wider performance gap. I suspect they're probably not that far off in their estimates, and multi-plats that are aiming at 30fps probably won't look any different between the two. The ones aiming for 60 might have to dip down to custom resolutions on XB1 (like their 1776x1000) but that's a small concession in the grand scheme of things.

I'm actually really surprised at the level of performance both were able to get out of Crysis 3 on high.
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For the 100th millionth time, editorials do NOT constitute as news.
Could we maybe get an editorials sub-forum in the news section? There seems to be a fair demand for it and the "Video Games" forum isn't nearly as active thinking.gif