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Hello everyone!

I wanted to introduce my latest project, now that all the parts have been ordered. I am doing a Corsair/ASUS parts build in Corsair's awesome 900D case. I will leave you with a parts list for now, and be back to update shortly, as parts should come in tomorrow.

CORSAIR 900D Full Tower Case

CORSAIR Neutron GTX Solid State Drive - 480 GB (Primary)
CORSAIR Neutron GTX Solid State Drive - 240 GB (Secondary)

Intel i7 - 3970X Extreme Processor
ASUS Rampage Extreme Motherboard
CORSAIR 2133 MHz Dominator Platinum Memory (8x4GB)

ASUS DirectCU II GTX780 (x2)

CORSAIR CMXAF2 Fan & Heatsinks (x2)
CORSAIR AF120 High Performance Fans (x8)
CORSAIR SP120 High Performance Fans (x2)
CORSAIR H100i Closed Loop CPU Cooler

CORSAIR Professional PSU Cable Kit (Red)


Windows 7 Ultimate

Let me know what you think of the parts. Stay tuned, I will try and update daily as the build comes along.