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It's that time. My 775 rig is still going strong but I think it's time to move to a newer architecture. I'm a cheapo so I'm looking to spend as least as possible. I'll be recycling the PSU, GPU, HDDs,DVD drive, and case into the new rig. Basically all I need is a CPU/RAM/Mobo. I'm not against spending more money for substantial gains. Anyway, budget is <$400, less is better. All I want to achieve is 4-.4.2ghz CPU, reliable mobo, and RAM. Although I will get the most out of my new PC, as long as I can overclock to 4ghz I'll be fine. I'm not too concerned with overclocking RAM, but if good OCing ones are in the budget it's fine. Bascically, I want to go the cheap route as I have huge bills. If i save enough I'll be investing in a SSD. Oh, I guess I might need a new CPU cooler unless I can find a bracket for a Ximateck HDT-S1283 and it will be good enough to cool a overclocked i7/i5.

My initial thoughts. The cpu is going to take the biggest chunk of course, I was thinking 3570k but the 4670k is only a little bit more. The mobos for the 4670k seem to be a little bit more expensive so that steers me back toward the 3570k. This is why I bring this to OCN because i have no clue if there is a budget friendly mobo for the Haswell that can OC decent. RAM, 8gb preferred but 4gb would work fine for now(trying to save for the SSD). I see quite a few people uggesting the G.Skill ripjaws. Anyway, have at it. The cheaper the better.