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FX-xxxx way to high temps?

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the Title is a little vague.... but so is my problem.
i think im doing something wrong.
going from a antec 620 to a termal take frio, to a Watercooling loop with the Nexxxos³ light, 1x240 rad 1x120 rad, on 4 different boards (asrock 880gm-le fx, m5a99x ove, crosshair v formula, sabertooth, 990fx gen3) with 2 different cpus (fx-4170, 8230) and 2 different powersupplies (Corsair TX550M, Lepa 700w) im always having temperaturs that are way higher then the temp reported of other overclockers: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/284549-29-8320-overclock
im currently running on 4.2ghz @ 1.332v temperature in Core Temp: 58°C, in Ai Suit: 63°C
it cant be a hardware problem as i changed all of it over the years.
i applied thermal paste as described in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3gx6c62D7I i used MX-2 paste.
is it possible that the programms are giving me wrong temperatuire reading?
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Its a low end water cooler on a hot chip
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It would be helpful to know what Temp programs you are using? Are you using the "AI Suite"?
Those "indicated" temps you posted are way to high, unless you're running Prime or IBT.

Are you positive HSF or Water Block are seated on the CPU correctly?

I have the same mobo, except it is an R2, with a Corsair H110 liquid cooler, my temps at idle are 29C and at load, never over 54C
I run an Antec spot fan on the VRMS and an additional 80mm fan on the backside of the board to cool the VRM's and CPU.

Hope this helps in some way...oopsies, I use both AI Suites and Open Hardware Moniter for my temps. Good Luck....thumb.gif
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i used Coretemp and ai suite.
i checked HWtemp and the temps by ai suite are the ones from the motherboard (the socket i guess) and the temps by Coretemps are the ones from the cpu.
also a low end watercooler should get me better performace then other people have with midrange aircoolers, or not?
*edit* yeah, the VRMs get really hot on that board, 71°C for me.
*edit* i can get the voltage down to 1.308v on 4.2ghz without errors in prime.
i tried 4.4ghz before but it got to hot (i dont remember the voltage but everything lower got errors in prime) around 65° in Coretemp (72° in Ai Suite)
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Also an interestin thing is that some Asus boards are setting the cpu/nb voltage to 1.4 volts! it should be around 1.2
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