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Hi All

This seems to have been a very common issue for many with Windows 7 and now this is a issue in Windows 8

All my videos played fine in WinXP now on this brand new computer with windows 8 I am getting grainy / jagged edges problem.

What I have already tried

I am running win8 64bit computer model is samsung dp700a3d-k02us
Updated the video drivers
Downloaded codecs including klite, xvid, bsplayer, vlc, MPC etc (made sure to remove and then test new etc)
Downloaded quicktime to test same issue
Played with the options / filter

Only reason im not jumping the gun and blaming it on hardware failure is because too many people have this same exact issue right after upgrading a machine that had XP to win7 or 8, in other words in their case it cannot be a hardware issue and the web is loaded with these posts most are from a few years ago, my guess is many are reading the posts there and either resolving it or like many say they go back to xp.

I am hoping someone here can shed some light on a fix, it will help myself and a ton of others.

The pic below is thanks to others who posted photos describing the issue, kindly ignore any text on image, just look as a sample to see the issues, left ok right side bad.

thanks in advance
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