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Did you ever wish there was a database showing Vegas 12 speed with various CPU/GPU options in actual use?

Data for this is currently sparse and typically not helpful to make a specific upgrade decision.

I'm building this tabulation, and would appreciate that all Vegas 12 users volunteer to help.

Objective: Users apply the resulting tabulation to predict performance before upgrading
Project: Generate a table of CPU / GPU performance with Vegas 12, scientificly from many users

Vegas 12 users - here's your chance to help others, and compare your results.

Every Vegas 12 User's measurement is important, from the most modest, to the fastest and most radical hardware.

This simple project takes as little as ten minutes.

Who has the fastest render time???

I am not affiliated with any vendor of hardware or software specified to be used in this benchmarking.

Vendors are encouraged to help and be included in the tabulation. Which CPU and graphics cards work well together, at the various price points?

Everyone is encouraged to be accurate. This is science.

Summary of steps for all those helping
  1. Use Vegas 12 with the 117MB test file I provide
  2. Run a particular "Render As" from the Vegas 12 File drop down menu.
  3. Vegas provides a built in "Elapsed time" readout, making the benchmark simple. No stopwatch is needed.
  4. Share your results, privately or publicly, including info of your CPU / GPU / Video card
  5. I will tabulate and post the results
  6. The exact procedure is shown in the following post

Privacy - You can "privately message" me with questions or results, or post them here publicly. I will not release any details about the "persons" that shared these results with me that did not also post them in the forum, but I will post the results in the tabulation unless you tell me not to. I will not contact you except to personally thank you and for a follow up question about your results, if needed.

The data will be collected and tabulated for a relatively short period of time, so get your results to me promptly.

Important - Use only my test file and only the specific "render" shown in the next post. Doing it this way results in scientific investigation which makes sense.

I'm also interested in tests done each possible way for your system
  • Using CPU based accelerator if applicable
  • Using your plug in PICE graphics card
  • With PCIE graphics card pluged in and not enabled for Vegas
  • Without any Graphics card plugged in, using on board/chip Graphics.

I have seen systems where (4) above is faster than (3). Computers and software have no end of surprises. Some CPUs may do the render faster than the graphics card. It is understood that using a different approach may change the image quality slightly, even with the same render settings. You may use any configuration of hardware to do the measurement, provided they use Vegas 12 build 670 or later, use my test file, and also use the specific render listed.

If you have something non-standard, by all means let me know in your test results. This includes anything you want to tell me about, such as fast memory, Overclocking of CPU or GPU, water cooling, etc.

About the file I provided:
- It's from my Sony TD10 3D camcorder, containting a slow pan of memorabilia with background piano music from Strauss. It's a clip of about 30 seconds in 3D mode resulting in a 117MB file.

About the the "Render" method chosen - this is the same MVC H264 method used by Vegas to produce a bluray disk, but exludes the audio and iso building part of the process. The video encoding is the most time intensive part. Other effects aren't included.

Here's the procedure to collect the benchmark for your own system

Note: I'm doing the tabulation of results. You only need to send me your particular results.

Even if you think you already know how, please following these instructions,

  1. Download and unzip test file from link below. The unzipped file is named "Adams_V12_BMF.m2ts"
    Here is the link for the test file which is a 117MB zip file:
  2. Have Sony Vegas 12 installed and updated, preferred build is 670
  3. Close all other applications and programs
  4. Open sony vegas
  5. Do the following:"
    > FILE - Drop down
    > NEW
    > In the "New Project" selection window
    > Select Template "HD 1080-60i (1920x1080, 29.970 fps)
    > Select Stereoscopic 3D mode: Anaglyphic (red/cyan)
    > Press OK (to complete the new project selection)

    > FILE - Drop down
    > OPEN
    open the downloaded test file named "Adams_V12_BMF.m2ts"

    > FILE - Drop down
    > Render As...
    In the "Render As" Select "output format"
    > Sony AVC/MVC (*.mp4, *.m2ts, *.avc)
    > MVC 1920x1080-24p, 25Mbps video stream

    Make sure you picked the "Sony AVC/MPC" not another
    > Press the Render button
    > Enter a location for the resulting file, or use default
    The resulting files size is about 62MB

When the task finishes, the "Approximate time left" will be 0, and the "Elapsed time" will show the minutes and seconds that your machine took to do the job.

Write down the minutes and seconds to report back to me with the following.

Please approximate the following form info.

Partiulcar "system information" about you system can be found by typing "info" in the widows start menu search bar, and then click on "system information"

Date: ___________
Time: ___________
(From System Summary)
OS Name: ___________
Version: ___________
System Manufacturer: ______________
System Model: _____________
System type: ______________
Processor: ________________
Installed Physical memory: _______________

(From Components > Display)
Adapter Description: ________________
Adapter Ram: ________________
Driver Version: ________________

In Sony Vegas 12
> Help - drop down
> About Vegas Pro
Read where it says "Version 12.0"
Provide Build number such as "670" _____________

In Sony Vegas 12
> Options drop down
> Preferences
> Video (Tab)
> GPU acceleration of video processing: ___________
(read out your current selection)

Render time (Elapsed time for Render) : ________________

Size of your result file in exact bytes for verification: __________________

Any other helpful comments about your system such as overclocking speed or if this is a home built system you can provide your motherboard make and model number and particular memory used.

You may do the test several times to see if your results are consistent.
  • I'm also interested in tests done each possible way for your system
  • Using CPU based accelerator if applicable
  • Using your plug in PICE graphics card
  • With PCIE graphics card pluged in and not enabled for Vegas
  • Without any Graphics card plugged in, using on board/chip Graphics, if applicable

Note: If you change the "GPU selection" in Vegas, please exit Vegas and and restart Vegas for the new selection to take effect.

Thanks in advance for contributing promptly.

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