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I just got back my EVGA GTX 680 from RMA, which BTW EVGA thank you!(they upgraded my card to an SC verison!) I plug into my motherboard, an ASUS 990FX and start gaming, well 5 minutes into the game I get black/green screen and when i restart windows it says it recovered from a BSOD. I go back into my game and again after a few minutes playing my computer crashes. Not understanding the issue I plug in my 650 Ti BOOST I got as a back-up while the 680 was in RMA process. Start playing my game and everything is fine as before.

Confused I decided to do some testing. I plug the GTX 680 back into the first PCI-E slot of the motherboard and go into the BIOs setting where I noticed something strange, my Voltage 3.3v and CPU Volt were fluctuating a lot from 3.1 to 2.89 and from 1.39 to 1.28. Sensing something strange I decide to try the PCI-E slot below it. I plugged the GTX680 into the second PCI-E slot and Boot into windows. Run 3D mark 11 and no issues passes all benchmarks perfectly fine. Interesting, I decided to try the same with PCI-E slot 1 so once again I switch out my GTX 680 to Slot 1 and boot to windows, where after only 2 minutes on the windows desktop i get a BSOD, page fault in non page area.

What the hell is going on? The GT 650ti BOOST worked perfectly fine in PCI-E slot one, I never got an BSODs or crashes. What makes the GTX 680 different? is it the power draw? Is something wrong with the motherboards PCI-E slot that the GT 650 ti BOOST didn't pick up? Why are the voltages fluctuating so much as well.

System Specs
FX 6300 Stock settings 3.8Ghz
ASUS 990FX Sabertooth
8GB Crucial 1866mhz CAS9
Corsair HX 1000w PSU
Soundblaster Z