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The Deep Down demo at the presentation of the PS4 left a lot of questions both on the game and on the Panta Rhei engine itself. Some of those questions were answered by Capcom’s Deputy General Manager of Technology Research and Development Masaru ijuin and by Programmers Daisuke Shimizu and Hitoshi Mishima as part of a very extensive interview on the Japanese website Game Watch.

First of all, we learn that Deep Down isn’t just a tech demo, but it’s an actual game that’s being developed in parallel with the engine (while the title isn’t final). It’s not yet disclosed if it’ll be exclusive to PS4 or actually multiplatform.

The development of Panta Rhei started in the summer of 2011, to address problems with Capcom’s proprietary engine MT Framework that led to the deterioration of development efficiency.

The engine is focused on ease of development, but doesn’t cut corners with visual fidelity, in order to attract the widest possible variety of players.