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Excuse for me if this is not worthy of thread creation, but I've been playing the 2k series on a console for a number of years, and per usual, the cost of these titles on consoles are $60. You can understand my utter disbelief when I checked Newegg for the 2k14 pre-order and it was set at only $26!

I thought it wasn't real.

I've played numerous F2P MMORPGS in my youth, but I am a recent PC convert from console gaming, fresh off my new build, and am still amazed at the perks of gaming on a PC. The value and ROI on building a gaming PC to replace a console is quite clear to me in a variety of ways beyond game prices - beautiful visuals, incredible mods, and games so cheap they make you feel guilty all contained within a generally mature community.

Just wanted to share. rolleyes.gif