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Corsair 540 Air Auto-Cooling Solution

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Hi Guys,

I think i am starting to drive myself crazy here as i have been researching this for 3 days now and i think i am getting even more confused as i check new information.

I have my mind set on this case and will order it directly from Corsair later today as i live in Europe and retailers here don't have it yet, it happens that Corsair is running an offer for $30 off this case if you order fans with it, the fans available for ordering with this case are:

- 2X AF120 Performance Edition / Quiet Edition
- 2X SP120 Performance Edition / Quiet Edition
- 2X SP120 PWM Performance Edition / Quiet Edition
- AF140

My goal is to have as silent as possible system in idle (watching movies, Youtube, text editing or just totally idle) which is how the system is 90% of the time, and maximum cooling performance regardless of noise level in high workloads for my GPU/CPU/RAM.

- I have the EVGA GTX 780 SC with ACX cooler which is an open cooler and dumps massive heat inside the case
- i5 4670K with the Hyper 212 Evo running in push only with its single stock fan
- G.Skill TridentX 2400Mhz CL10 RAM which would also use some cooling as they are high performance and i assume they would heat up if not cooled properly.
- Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H
- I do not intend to water cool currently so all my fan mounting locations are unoccupied.

This case comes with 3 low RPM AF140L 3-pins voltage fans that would run at 100% all the time when plugged into the motherboard and i would like to better this situation using the Corsair fans offer which is making me very confused, Now there are few points which i need your opinion on:

1) Would getting SP fans better than AF fans? since i will be using these separately bought fans as front intakes and as i understand since they have to pull air through the front filter they need to be SP fans?

2) SP120s high performance fans would provide better air flow that the two included 140s low RPM AF fans?

3) Should i get high performance 2350RPM fans or quite 1450RPM ones?

4) Should i get the PWM version or the Voltage controlled version with the resistor to slow them down when needed?

Now this fourth point is the one i am most confused about, I know that i have few ways to deal with fans, either use uncontrolled fans and get the specs i want out of the box running at 100% or control them with resistors which are unfavorable methods to my understanding, the more advanced ways is to buy a dedicated fan controller like some of you guys have done here or best of all worlds is get PWM fans and have the motherboard control them automatically.

Also should i get high performance noisy fans if they are PWM controlled anyways and slow them down through the PWM profiles in idle? or get quite fans that its RPM IS already capped out of the box in case PWM control in the motherboard is not good enough i will get quite fans anyways at the cost of much less performance under load?

Now this motherboard has three 4-pins speed controlled fan headers but the big problem is that they control the fan speed based on the system temperature sensor and not the CPU/GPU sensors, also the fan control formulas are strange and i could not understand them,

Below i will post information from my motherboard manual as well as the pin assignment of the headers and leave it to you guys to kindly guide me in the right direction.

My plan is to use two SP120 high performance fans as front intakes which run at a max of 2350 RPM at full speed (TOO NOISY) and control their speed automatically via the motherboard's BIOS PWM fan control features or at least digitally slow them down, two of the three AF140L that come with this case as one rare exhaust and one top exhaust or use only the one rare exhaust and keep the other two as spare parts to replace it when it wears out which i suspect would happen rather quickly as it would be running on 100% speed 24/7, the idea being that the two front intakes would slow down and become silent when the system is idle and spin to provide good air flow when the system is under heavy workloads like gaming or rendering or such...

Some people with 7 series Gigabyte motherboards say that the fan control feature of their boards sucks as being tied to system temperature instead of CPU/GPU temperatures make them NOT change speed as they claim that system temperature sensor still provides low reading even when the GPU/CPU are in full load and heat up. i have not found any reports on the 8 series boards to date so i have no idea if things got improved.

I am really confused as what type of fans to order with the case and how to set them up to achieve my goal of low noise in idle and high performance in heavy workloads while having all of this on automatic control.

Here are my motherboard information from the manual:

Pin No. Definition
2 +12V /Speed Control
3 Sense

Pin No. Definition
2 +12V
3 NC

1st System Fan Speed Control (SYS_FAN1 Connector)
Allows you to determine whether to enable the fan speed control function for the system fan connected to the SYS_FAN1 connector and adjust the fan speed.

Normal Allows the fan to run at different speeds according to the system temperature. You can adjust the fan speed with EasyTune based on your system requirements. (Default)

Silent Allows the fan to run at slow speeds.

Manual Allows you to control the fan speed under the Slope PWM item.

Disabled Allows the fan to run at full speeds.

Slope PWM
Allows you to control the fan speed. This item is configurable only when 1st System Fan Speed Control is set to Manual. Options are: 0.75 PWM value /oC ~ 2.50 PWM value /oC.

2nd/3rd System Fan Speed Control (SYS_FAN2/ SYS_FAN3 Connectors)
Allows you to determine whether to enable the fan speed control function for the system fan connected to the SYS_FAN2/SYS_FAN3 connectors and adjust the fan speed.

Normal Allows the fan to run at different speeds according to the system temperature. You can adjust the fan speed with EasyTune based on your system requirements. (Default)

Silent Allows the fan to run at slow speeds.

Manual Allows you to control the fan speed under the Slope PWM item.

Disabled Allows the fan to run at full speeds.

Slope PWM
Allows you to control the fan speed. This item is configurable only when 2nd/3rd System Fan Speed
Control is set to Manual. Options are: 0.75 PWM value /oC ~ 2.50 PWM value /oC.

What do you guys think are my best configuration out of all these possible components given that to get the $30 discount i have to either order a pack of two 120s or one 140

Thank you very much in advance smile.gif
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Guys can someone please kindly shed some light on this, I apologize for the post being too long, but I really badly need some advice to place the order shortly, thanks.
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Have you read SupahSpankeh's Corsair 540 thread?

I would not use 2300rpm fans as case fans. Reason is using same PWM control for both 1300rpm fan and 2500rpm fans gives you a speed difference something like this:

Fan speed on same PWM signal
TY-140. TY-143
. 601rpm 709rpm
. 692. . . 711
. 806. . . 792
. 900. . . 990
. 998 . . 1269
1100 . . 1650
1203 . . 2000
1300 . . 2491

TY-140 is 1300rpm fan
TY-143 is 2500rpm fan
Below 1000rpm they are both nice and quiet. At 1300rpm they are still okay, but 2500rpm is rather loud.

I always use "cooler" fans because I believe cases with grills, filters, HDD cages, cables, etc. are just as restrictive as coolers and higher speed/cfm fans on air cooler with lower speed/cfm fans on case because 3x 1300rpm fans can supply more cfm to cooler than 2500rpm fans on cooler use. At least it's worked that way for me in all the systems I've been involved with so far. wink.gif

Water cooling is a little different. I would use more intake fans / cfm than radiator exhaust fans so case has a little positive pressure to keep dust out but that's all. This is assuming both CPU and GPU are water cooled so only heat radiating into case is HDD's and motherboard. If you are have other components generating heat than you may need extra fans / cfm to supply airflow for them.

Hope that helps.

In your case I'm not sure.
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Finally someone minds my thread, i really appreciate that smile.gif

I am not water cooling anything in this case, i have a GTX 780 with an open cooler dumping tons and tons of heat inside the case, an Evo 212 with its single stock fan dumping even more heat, and a high performance 2400Mhz TridentX RAM dumping even some more, so inside the case is like an oven.

The case comes with 3 AF140 3-pins fans that have a max of 1000 RPM and people still call them loud and being AF and having to pull air through the front filter i assume their air flow is much weaker than any other fan i could buy,

Now corsair has an offer for fans, either get a twin 120 kit with the case or one AF140 and have $30 off your order.

I have narrowed it all down to getting SP120 twin pack with the order, now the decision is getting PWM vs. non-PWM, and High performance (2350 RRPM) vs Quite edition at (1450 RPM)

I prefer not to have a separate fan controller and therefore i am leaning towards PWM fans, but if the motherboard fails to control them well which would be the case as people say that Gigabyte boards have a horrible PWM fan control mechanism? i would be stuck as they will not work with controllers.

My thinking is getting the 2350 RPM version similar to graphics cards fans for example mine is capable of 5000 RPM, but it never gets there unless i manually set it to run at 100%, maybe i would do the same with case fans, only keep them at 50 or 60% max while still having the potential, also quite 1450 versions have half the CFM of the high perf. ones. here is the performance table for both

So what do you think? ideas? smile.gif
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So you will need more case intake cfm than your CPU and GPU coolers use. Much of what you need to know I've posted in SupahSpankeh's Corsair 540 thread.

I'm using Gigabyte ET6 to control my PWM fans with no problems. 30c@30% fan speed and 65c@100% keeps things cool and quiet.

What fan are you running on your 212 Evo?

I've had good results changing the stock shroud & fans from GPU and replacing them with 2x 120mm fans like this VTX3D Radeon HD 7950 X-Edition V3 cover removed w/2x Arctic F12 TC case fans. Was 70c now 50-60c, ultra settings, 60fps unless particularly detailed cut scenes In this Define R4 case the 2x TY-147 front fans are PWM controlled by CPU PWM signal and bottom TY-147 is controlled by GPU PWM signal. Arctic F12 TC have their on temperature control so are not connected to GPU. They were a temporary install to see how well it would work.. and worked so well they became permanent.
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality

You've probably already read it elsewhere; the key is to flow heated air from components out of case without it mixing with cool intake air going to components.
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I have read every single post in SupahSpankeh's thread but things deviated from my purpose a bit since his fan selection is open, but for me i am bound by the things in the corsair's offer since this build has already exhausted all my budget and some more, i was going to get this case and stick with the stock fans but found the offer and thought to get the most cooling performance out of it as possible.

I have the stock fan on the Evo 212, i did not change it, and have the EVGA 780 SC with their ACX cooler, these are the cooling fans i have inside the case, and you have the table above of the Corsair fan specs. i also have 8 series Gigabyte board Z87X-UD3H, which some have claimed it is unable to efficiently control PWM case fans because the "system temperature" is the one used in the fan control formula and they say that this sensor's temp does not change even when the system is overheated

You are in the best position to help me here since you have a GB board and is also using easytune to do things.

Please please suggest a complete solution within these parameters and i will place the order now, otherwise i will have to spend many days more reading and thinking about this because of lack of information and experience, i even called Gigabyte trying to get a detailed technical sheet of their PWM control voltages, function, to be able to calculate fan speed but they said they have none.

My thinking is to get a couple SP120 PWM High Performance fans (specs in the table above) as front intakes and connect it to motherboards system fans PWM headers, and leave the fan control BIOS settings on normal, this means that they would run on below 1000 RPM in idle and maybe get up to 1800 RPM or so during gaming or heavy workload and provide enough CFM and pressure to achieve its goal which is exactly what i need, while keeping one of the AF140 exhausts running at 100% all the time and maybe add another exhaust in the top-back slot.

I don't mind the case getting a bit loud during heavy workload when the performance is needed but i want COMPLETELY SILENT case in idle times, this is my ultimate goals, if case fans behave like GPU fans being silent in idle and loud when needed i will be very happy about it.

Now you know all my hardware and fans specs, please suggest the best option to go with and i will go with it without further research as i have been trying to decide for days... thanks a bunch smile.gif
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From what you've said I would go with the SP120 PWM High Performance fans. But it's not my decision to make, it's your's. thumb.gif

I use the PWM signal from CPU fan header because it is the source of most of the heat in my case.
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For me the GPU is the source of the heat, but kindly allow me to ask a few final questions to finalize the decision:

1) If i use the PWM system fan headers in this Gigabyte board would i be able through the BIOS or Easytune (preferably the BIOS because i also use OSX and would like BIOS to control the system to be OS independent) to slow them down to become quite in idle (below 1000 RPM)?

2) If i use these two SP120s as intakes should i go with only one AF140 exhaust or two?

3) If i go with the quite edition fans will they provide enough CFM to cool the components i have given the specs in the table above? 37.85 CFM before filters are added?

4) Am i better of changing all this and using a dedicated fan controller with normal non-PWM fan?

Thanks again smile.gif
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1. I have not used this board so don't know. I can say all Gigabyte boards I've used have PWM control on CPU fan header.

2. Again, I have used this case or these fans so you will have to test different setups and see what works best. I normally use 3x 140mm cooler fans for case intake and 1 exhaust fan. Good cooler fans will push the air out of case.

3. Again, I have not used them so don't know. I do not believe any fan specs published by manufacturer unless the are commercial fans.. like Delta. I've have already told you in my last post that given the options you have supplied in this thread I would get the SP120 PWM High Performance fans. If you continue asking same questions I will not reply.

4. You have to decide if you want to control fans using motherboard PWM signal and a PWM splitter with PSU power or to go manual control with a dedicated fan controller. I will use automatic PWM control whenever possible. But that is me, not you. This is our decision to make, not mine.

I give information and educated guesses based on the knowledge I've learned from years of reading and building computers. As recipients of that information you all have to make your own decisions of what to do.

I will not make decisions for you. biggrin.gif
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Thanks a lot, that indeed helps, i will have to rely on the spec sheet to make my "theoretical" calculations or best guesses as i have nothing else to work with, i will calculate the performance/noise of two SP120 High Performance vs. three SP120 Quite Editions and go with the best noise/performance ratios and keep only one intake, like you said SP fans should creative positive pressure and push air out from the vents anyways so no need to overdo the exhausts by using two instead of one.

How do you calculate total CFM and dBA levels? do you just do a simple multiplications? for example:

Two SP120 High Perf. CFM= 2 X 62.74 = 125.48 CFM and total dBA = 2 X 35 = 70 dBA


Three SP120 Quite CFM = 3 X 37.85 = 113.55 CFM and a total dBA = 3 X 23 = 67 dBA

So 125.48@70dBA vs. 113.55@67dBA?

is that how it works or is this a complete miscalculation? smile.gif
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