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so over the last month or so I have been adding ultra violet Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (CCFL) and ultra violet sensitive wire sleeving to my Corsair Vengeance case... During the process of adding all of this I began to realize that all the wiring and the sound inverters were going to clutter the box and just ruin the overall look i was going for... Thus began the arduous task of moving the lights over and over again until I was happy with their respective positions... Then, after finding some sufficient pieces of my old case to mod, I began covering everything up, and doing the best I could to hide the clutter...

posted here I have several pics of the process as it ensued... comments are appreciated, also I'm open to any ideas for improvement

a few really old pictures to give you an idea

went green with the fans for a while

nice and clean before all the lights and sleeving lol

had green CCFL's for a while

went green/and UV

as you can see the wiring got pretty awful

removed a lot of peripheral fans, and went all
went UV with the lights, but still an old pic before too much messing with it

moved some of the Inverters around (top left), added two lights, and moved them, and mounted them properly

added the plastic cowel to cover the wiring and the inverter (arrow) inverter is behind... this plastic piece came off of the back of an old broken 20 inch monitor... I took the entire back plastic casing off the monitor motherboard, and cut it up, utilizing one of the corners... worked awesome

pre-covering on the other 2 inverters (middle inside red box)

added another cover for the other 2 inverters... for any other owners of the case, you may notice, this piece, is the plastic piece that came in the case, originally to stabilize the hard drive bays, but given i only had the upper attached, I cut that bi*** up!

finished product.... clean once again

so I did a little more stuff, rewiring, and made a new cover for the inverters on the bottom... covers some wiring now too, also, made a front window tongue.gif... all temporary mods, I can do whatever I want before the move into the fresh case for the cusom loop



and the window

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