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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to find a mouse that fits my newly un-cluttered desk and since most the items on it are silver now (plus a little white), I'd love to get something in the same colour scheme.

What worries me is that I do play some Starcraft from time to time, not a ton, mind you, but I wouldn't want to be slowed down by input lag.

The mice I had so far were a Logitech G something that isn't made anymore (it was blue-ish and looked like the G500 in shape. It was a truly awesome mouse and I played mainly WC3 with it) and an absolutely terrible Razer whatever snake that I hate more than Hitler.

My grip is a standard "claw"-grip, middle-finger on LMB and ringfinger on RMB, with very high mouse-sensitivity so that I only move the mouse half an inch to travel across the entire screen.

Is realize these expectations are a bit specific, but stranger things have happened than a forum full of enthusiasts finding the right piece of hardware.

Cheers guys, much appreciated!
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Originally Posted by FurryPaws View Post

My grip is a standard "claw"-grip, middle-finger on LMB and ringfinger on RMB

This sounds pretty non-standard. I use claw grip but my index finger is on LMB and middle finger is on RMB...

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I'm sorry, my grip isn't clawed but rather fingertip style.
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