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When ever i try to play my game i get a thing saying EFLC FATAL ERROR VDS30 Invalid resource detected please re install the game

How this all happened was i tried playing the game and it would go to the social club log in and i would hit play but nothing would happened so i tried and tried and tried. Still nothing, so i uninstalled the game and re installed it now i'm getting a thing popping up after hitting play saying EFLC FATAL ERROR VDS30
I don't know whats going on? All my other games work. I have the retail version of Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City. At first i thought it was the disc but something is up. I mean i uninstalled it, why would it continue to do this if i deleted it the first time. Please help this is my favorite game. Oh i even tried changing the compatibility mode still nothing. I tried Windows 7 and windows 2000 still nothing. Oh and the same day this happened was the same day i played the game a couple of hours ago.