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Nvidia 660 Black Screen on Boot

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One day I was playing guild wars 2 and then my computer screen went blank. So I rebooted and then after the "windows is loading" screen the screen once again became blank. I tried everything I could think of, system restore etc. I even wiped my computer and installed windows 7 (64 bit) from scratch, and still the same problem. However, I discovered that the screen would only go black on boot if I had new drivers installed for my 660. When I would install the drivers from the cd the card came with, it would boot up, but I couldn't play a game without the computer crashing and going blank.

And now I have put in my old card (an nvidia gtx 550 ti), installed the latest drivers, and windows booted up just fine.

So I am starting to think the 660 that I love is screwed, and I think it's due to overclocking. I didn't overclock very much at all I think. I raised the gpu to +60, memory to +250, which I based off of other people's settings that I found when I began researching how to oc. The temp was around 65-70 cel when playing games which I thought was a stable temp. I also turned the power target up ten percent to +110%.

If anyone can help me out and tell me what's wrong with my card I'd greatly appreciate it. And if you guys need more information if my post isn't descriptive enough, then I'll be glad to provide it. I just hope my card isn't toast, Rome 2 comes out in a month mad.gif .

(I forgot to say that it's an evga man. card)
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Did you flashed your BIOS? If yes then rollback to stock, if no flashing was done then try the new 326.41 Beta drivers http://www.nvidia.com/object/win8-win7-winvista-64bit-326.41-beta-driver.html make sure to do a clean install, also try changing DVI port, something similar happened to me with 9800 gtx, hope it helps.
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I didn't mess with the bios at all, and I did try the new beta drivers. The DVI thing didn't work. Any other ideas? Oh and if the card was fried wouldn't the fan not move at all while the computer is on? Because the fan does move
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If you had to guess would you say the card is fried?
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Sorry for the late response, I would say warranty replacement, but don't take my word go to the GTX 660 owners club and ask this question there, pretty sure someone there will have an answer for you, link is in my signature.
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it's all good , thanks for responding thumb.gif

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