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If you still want to argue after what i posted earlier, then there would be no point in pushing it further, you obviously don't understand what i am saying tongue.gif, and yeah, 50 bucks extra for what? 2 FPS, higher voltage, higher power consumption, and more heat, which will eventually make the card throttle when it reaches it's temp threshold. rolleyes.gif

Classifieds and lightnings are for benchers, not your everyday gamer tongue.gif

I wasn't arguing. Just giving some input.

Classified and Lightning are for benchers not gamers? Lmao what are u smoking?

Your logic is this. 780>770 because u get 10-20 more fps at 200 more.

780 stock > classified because the 5-10 fps in not worth the 50 bucks?

I guess it comes down to wether or not someone may wanna overclock or not and if the extra 50 bucks is worth it to them or not. Obviously there are those who see value and those who don't.

Good thing is that at the moment you can't go wrong with a 780. Maybe in October AMD will release a 780 killer for less money, but I would t wanna wait 2 months for my new graphics cards.