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Hi guys how are you?

First of all sorry if i'm posting at weong place and sorry dor my poor english, i'm from Brazil

So let's see if someone can help me

I have a Gigabyte GAZ77XD3H mobo and i had a stable overclock at 4.5 with my 3770k

Yesterday i made a bios update to the latest one the F17f (A beta bios) but i forgot to save or note my OC specs at bios and i forgot some steps

I can't remember if i used about 1.23 or 1.30 fixed vcore to stabilize at 4.5 i remember that i used the loadline calibration on Turbo, the CPU Pll at 1.5 ( Now i bumped to 1.65 just to be safe, should i go back to 1.5?) i disabled the c1 c3 and all this stuffs and disabled the tubo boost

So do you guys recommend me to do anything else in this OC? Should i make some other changes or that's all? I think the vcore i used was 1.23 but i can't really remember and i really don't wanna spend again a lot of time with stress tests, last time i spent about 19 hours prime and 20 passes Ibt max memory size

Any help will be nice, and just to you know guys i'm using a H100i push/pull cooling system


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