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FYI just a heads up..

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but the real star of the show is something they haven’t told you. It is possible to turn the NOW TV box in to a superb media server by side-loading the Plex Media server app. It involves a touch of remote control hoodoo combined with a spot of internet jiggery pokery but the process is really quite simple and elevates the device to a whole new level. As well as being an excellent home media player, Plex has numerous plug-ins covering a large amount of bases which greatly widens the boundaries as to what is possible. Let’s remember this thing costs less than a tenner. Enough said.

this is good because it allows a ridiculously cheap and nice looking unit to run Plex which means you get a very nice XBMC like experience and can pull all manner of services from your home server and any file type for the price of a few beers thumb.gif