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My Rig. (Paintjob)

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Just finished, the paintjob. If you have any ideas for a name, please, spit em out. smile.gif

Also, i got pictures for each step, doing the actual painting.

I can't make videos, so if any of you would like to make the vid, that would be awesome.

Here is the pictures from my work log:


And what is your thoughts on the painjob generally? smile.gif

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Beast! Maybe consider throwing in a logo or two on the non windowed side smile.gif
Really like how the LEDs shine the light out; looks godly wink.gif

I too want to do case jobs, and want to know what kind of paint you used and how you went about painting the case? Looks really good.
Also, what mutli-colored LED control panel is that? I was considering getting the NXZT hue, but this one looks like it has a much more full and brighter color

http://img.techpowerup.org/120716/hue.jpg just for comparison tongue.gif

Overall sweet job! thumb.gif
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Well actually the LED remote controlled light here, was not intended for Computer, but Cars. tongue.gif An yes, the LED's are extremly bright. And with the full color support and remote, (and different light modes like, blink, fade between colors my favourite tongue.gif) and the capatibility to adjust brightness). The LED´s are not just around the whole case inside, but also mounted on the buttom of the case. It was a total of 5m. However 4.5m would have fit better. I bought the LED for 116$, and then plus all the other light.

The paint. It was just the best i could find in my local shop. I don't think you care about the brand, since it's danish, and propery not be in your country. tongue.gif

The process:
Take the case apart, inside as well as outside.
Sand it all down.
Clean it.
4 layers of primer.
2-3 layers of paint. (I messed up a bit, but i managed to save it)
And then one layer of lak.
Total paint time 3 days, and about 140$ in paint smile.gif
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BTW, what logo should i put on? I can´t decide haha xD
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nice thanks for filling me in! biggrin.gif how hard did you sand it down? Don't want to ruin a beautiful case tongue.gif

Is there like a clan or something you play for? :3 with mine I plan on putting the Kanji (Japanese/Chinese characters) for "Shindo" (the prodigy) on mine biggrin.gif
Is there anything symbolic to you? Should be added on such an epic case XD

I guess I best stick with the NZXT for now, until I pick up some control panel like that X)
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Actually i don't really play for anything. Well i could be tempted to put some battlefield on it tongue.gif Maybe you wanna take a look at this. Really neat mod for the Haf X smile.gif

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Awesome job on that HafX! Love the white look.
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Thanks smile.gif
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