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What m/b for my amd athlon II x 4 630 processor?

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I can't afford a new build right now so I'm just going to buy a new case and motherboard for my chip, which is still good. Oh, and a new chip cooler.

It must have 4 memory slots so I can use my four that I already have. 2 would be fine I guess If its a better m/b.........

Will I have to buy a new copy of windows 7 or will my hard drive be plug and play once said board is installed?

One more thing, I'm running a single gtx 570.

Would something like this be overkill for my needs? It's kinda pricey and I'm on a budget.


I'll be here all night to answer any questions.......thanks.
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What board do you have already?
You probably won't notice enough difference to justify your purchase by just sidegrading your motherboard.
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I don't know, its the one that came from hp.

Model P6510Y

I'm not looking for an upgrade....the bios is all messed up in the one I have now and I'd like a cheap replacement. Upon booting, I'm getting the hit f2 to boot, cpu speed fan has failed. I've replaced the fan and still get the f2 to boot stuff.

I dunno, maybe the board isn't bad? I'm a nOOb when it comes to pcs, sorta.

Lol, I rebuild engines in my spare time but can't diagnose this, hahaaha.
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I'm a dummy and didn't see the amd motherboards section, still sorta new to this awesome website.

Mods, please feel free to move this if you'd like. smile.gif
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The motherboard you have right now is then a prebuilt OEM motherboard, and so it is kind of worth sidegrading to a new one. The main reason is that you can overclock with the "aftermarket" board., while that would never be allowed on the HP board.

If you're looking for something on the cheap, I've been really happy with this board. I've got one in my parents computer, and one in mine. Its not the best performing, or fanciest, but its a good deal, and runs fine, and the price is just right smile.gif.


And working on computers is totally like working on engines, you just have to get enough experience with them to know what you're looking for is all smile.gif. Troubleshooting is a skill thats hard to learn, but transfering that skill from one discipline to another isn't that hard once you have it.

Good luck smile.gif.
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