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Good evening, everyone.

Let me first say that I have tried searching multiple areas of this site and multiple areas online for my particular issue and have not come up with any success.

Over the past few days, I have finally started experiencing the famous BSOD. I just recently installed my 2nd GTX 680 Classified card and do not know if this could be a contributing factor to this particular BSOD. The crash came while gaming on Battlefield 3 and streaming to

Here are my system specs:

Case Cooler Master HAF 942 X
Motherboard Gigabyte X79-UP4
CPU Intel Core i7-3930k
CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro Series H100
Video Cards (2) EVGA GTX 680 Classified 4 GB
RAM G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16 GB 1866 MHz
Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000w
Hard Drive Samsung Electronics 840 Pro 256 GB
Data Drives (2) Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Raid 0

I can provide any model numbers if need be.

Once the first BSOD happened, I decided to open my CoreTemp application to monitor my temps to see if the system was overheating. The temps were nothing out of the ordinary ~60-68c while encoding for my livestream. I then decided to run Prime95 to see if my temperatures would spike. The temperatures max only hit 72c during my quick 20 minute test. I have set all clocks back to optimized defaults.

History: I have had this system stable since Feb 2013 (when I built this rig) running at 4.5GHz at 1.35v. I ran Prime95 for 15 hours when the original stability tests were done. I understand that CPUs can become unstable, but this just seems odd. Do I need to just raise my voltage? Does this seem like a typical degrade? Any helpful tips would be much appreciated.

Side note: Going back into my bios and resetting the clocks back to the optimized defaults has cause my Marvell Raid Array to disappear. Is there a way to mirror the images in Disk Management or will I have to re-install windows to activate my raid array again?

Thanks in advance,