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Good time to upgrade?

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Current rig:

- AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition @ 4.00Ghz (using AMD OverDriver)
- Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Heat Sink
- MSI 970A-G46 Mobo
- 8gigs of DDR3 RAM @ 2000Mhz
- EVGA NVidia 670 (OC to 680 speeds)
- Coolmaster 750w PSU

I am looking to upgrade. I don't have a SSD drive, however, I am thinking about upgrading my mobo and CPU. Is now a good time to upgrade my mobo + cpu or should i spend the money on a SSD + 8 more gigs of RAM and wait till the end of the year for AMD new chips?? I want a clear upgrade to my mobo + CPU and not slight increase in performance. I am considering Intel but I would rather stick to AMD if possible (I would rather support the under dog then big brother).

I ONLY game on my rig..I hardly even surf on it due to my Nexus7 tablet. Just a side question, is anyone able to figure out my name? Just a little help I usually have it as RtooDtu
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Welcome to the forum, if you stick around for a while, you'll realize how great this place is smile.gif.

So, my personal opinion... Nah, I wouldn't upgrade right now, particularly if you're wanting to do an AMD upgrade. While you would get some additional performance for sure, but in my opinion it would be better to start saving up for something coming out next year instead of

For an upgrade for right now then, I'd go with the SSD. That should last you long enough to be included in your next build, so its not money wasted at all.

The real question is are you having unacceptable performance in games, or are you wanting to upgrade because the upgrade bug has bitten you?

Good luck with whatever you do smile.gif.
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I am having a real performance issue in Planetside 2. I have to have all my settings on lowest, render quality at 75% and render distance set to 3000.00 (normal is 6000.00) just so I dont get hit by lag when there are more then 20 people attacking an area. I am also noticing some issues with Guild Wars 2 and I was hoping it was my CPU bottle necking my GPU.

But that upgrade can wait till the next set of AMD CPU's come out. I'm being told AMD's next chips wont be AM3+, can anyone confirm?

Also, if I were to get a SSD which would you recommend. Must be at least 256gig, it will be used as my main drive that i install windows on and it will also store my games. Not looking to spend over $250 (preferably after taxes).

Edit: what type of performance increase would I get with a i5 3570k?
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