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OP, how's your experience with 13.8 beta 2? I didn't mention this but I had a third similar crash just before the release of 13.8 beta 2, using the original 13.8. That makes three highly irregular system crashes in two weeks, with two of them giving a specific message in BSOD that a quick google showed is related to the GPU driver.

I've now been using 13.8 b2 since release (so for two weeks) and have had no such experience with it. To be extra sure I've had my system running non-stop, with no shut downs, for the two weeks since the 19th, making full use of zerocore, undervolting, overclocking, playing games, watching movies, and so on. Not even a hiccup. I'd be willing to bet 13.8 b1 was simply a more flawed driver than usual, at least on my system. All signs point to it thus far. Actually I'm damn relieved because the last few system specific driver flaws I've experienced took AMD months or over a year to fix, but this one took just over two weeks smile.gif
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