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Ok, to start things off, I'll list what equipment I currently have and how they are set up. Two bookshelf Polk Audio Monitor 30 Series II speakers, a Creek OBH-11 Headphone amp, Grado Labs SR325 Headphones, a cheap Sony STR-DE135 audio receiver, an HT Omega Claro sound card, and a Rotel RP-5300 turntable. I have the soundcard hooked up to the receiver, with the headphone amp coming out of the receiver. Sound quality is less than I had anticipated, but I believe I need to upgrade my cable quality and speaker cables. Also, the receiver does not have a phono amp, and I had to finagle the headphone amp to work properly (I have to run the sound output from my sound card to the headphone amp first, and then from the output of the amp (just a passthrough) to the receiver).

Basically, I need a good setup that doesn't cost a ton of money (but willing to invest some money into a good setup). I think the weakest link I have is the receiver, as the Sony I have is low quality and old. Also, it does not have a phono amp, and only accepts left and right stereo RCA jacks in, with the cheap connectors for speakers. My idea would be to get a reciever/amp that has the following:

Stereo output for a headphone amp
Phono amp built in for my turntable
Accept optical audio in, coming from my soundcard
Decent D/A converter built in

Does such a thing exist that's under $1000? Would this be my best bet for high quality sound? I switch between headphones and speakers regularly so being able to switch on the fly quickly is important.

What other options do I have? Any better configurations? Get a dedicated pre-amp for the turntable? Get something integrated?

Any ideas or thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!
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